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Monthly Newsletter Vol 3, Issue 8, August 2012

QuickBooks Can Do Much
More Than You Think

Do you ever have trouble with running a consolidated report on your company? How do you make it look right? It can be tricky without the right tools.

Let’s say an auditor is only looking for certain items. You can actually run a report that is specific to those audit items. Advanced tools in QuickBooks allow you to do this quickly and easily. Take advantage of the many tools QuickBooks has and also try using it in conjunction with Excel.

You will be amazed at how you can get your report to look exactly the way you want it. This month’s featured article will give you some great tips regarding what tools are available.

Call us now and Beaton Accounting will show you how to incorporate these tools.

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Tom Beaton

Featured Article:

QuickBooks Can Do Much More
Than You Think

No, you’ll never max out all of it’s features, but here are some tips on tools that extend QuickBooks’ usefulness – and save you time.

You've undoubtedly created reports that were so lengthy that you got tired of scrolling up and down to find totals for each individual section. QuickBooks lets you collapse and expand reports to see primary totals only, but this command affects the entire to continue reading

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Featured Article:
QuickBooks Can Do
Much More Than
You Think


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